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Application Process

Click here for Application Form (.doc) (pdf)

Because of the time required to process an application and to make certain that housing accommodations can be made, we request that you submit your applications no later than SIX weeks prior to the beginning of the program. However, we will accept a "late application" on a case-by-case space-available basis.


Click here for Application Form (.doc) (pdf)

Summer Service programs vary in content and types of service. Therefore each week may have unique experience requirements, limits on space, and cost parameters.To apply Fill out an application and include any additional information requested in the program description.

Group applications are available for small groups of 6 or more. The format and service for these groups will be programmed with our directors and the group coordinator. Costs will then be based on specified program. Contact Us for group bookings.


If you are a first time (first semester) student at The Church Works you need to fill out an application and three reference forms and return it to us.
Send us your completed application and $50 application fee, reference forms, and other information to our mailing address:

The Church Works
660 Tetherow Road
Williams OR 97544


Email the application to and we will send you information to submit your application fee and deposit online.

If you have already attended a program with The Church Works, then you need to request a returning student application. You can mail us your application along with your application fee of $50 or email the application to and we will send you information to submit your payment online.
Once we receive the application materials you will usually receive a decision within a month. This notification comes by a letter in the mail or by email.
The Admissions decision is made on the following basis:

  1. Spiritual Maturity: Information contained in the application, including the student's Personal Profile Sketch, Spiritual Life Profile, and Statement of Faith. The most important aspect is that the student has a heart to seek the Lord and a desire to grow.
  2. Personal References: Recommendations from three sources, one of which must be a pastor.
  3. Academic Preparedness: Evidence of completion of high school, a G.E.D. program, or proficiency exam.
  4. If you are accepted you will receive an acceptance letter, program information, and class & book list. You will need to send a $200 non-refundable deposit. This reserves a place at NEXT and confirms to us your intention to attend. This $200 deposit will be applied to your overall tuition cost.
  5. Once accepted you will be informed of housing arrangements.

Click here for Application Forms


AGI is currently by invitation after a screening process. If you feel you would like to be part of our long term service please contact Tim Thompson directly.



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