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Dorm Life

A key part of the learning process is the dynamic of living and interacting with other students. We have seen that God uses close living to teach the students about patience, other-centeredness, prayer, service and sacrifice. It is inevitable that there will be conflicts when a large group of people from various backgrounds, cultures and ages are living in close proximity for long periods of time. But it is also possible for them to live together in love and harmony when Jesus is kept at the center of living.

With this in mind we will ask you to observe the following:

  • Pray for one another regularly.
  • Submit to one another and seek to serve each other.
  • Deny yourself; sacrifice your wants to help others.
    Beware of gossip and putting others down.
  • Forgive, forgive, forgive! Practice forgiveness always.

Students are housed in dorm rooms of 2-4 people per room.

Students of the opposite sex are not allowed to visit in the dorm rooms.

We do not allow meals in the dorm rooms. Basic light-dry snacks are permitted.

You will be required to keep your things clean and in order. Others will share your living space and may not appreciate any unclean space that you tolerate.

Realize that God is in control and that He has allowed you to be in that room with those people. Learn what He wants to teach you from that.



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