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Getting Here


Williams is located 2 miles south of Grants Pass, Oregon in the Applegate Valley. The Willams Highway runs somewhat parelell to Interstate 5 between Medford and Grants. Pass.


The local Airport is in Medford Oregon (MFR) about 1 hour from Williams.

There is limited local transportation to Williams from the airport so it is best if you send us your arrival info so we know to pick you up from the airport in Medford. We need arrival date, time and airline flight number.

There are two things to consider when planning your transportation to the Campus:
1.) Your arrival date, and
2.) your plan for getting from the Medford Airport to the Campus.
We have set up a system to serve your transportation needs in the best way possible so PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING, AND THEN PLAN AND COMMUNICATE ACCORDINGLY.

  • Arrival dates
    Students should plan to arrive on the designated arrival days. Because of accomodations other dates may not allow for conveniences like housing or transportation. Please keep this in mind when planning your flights and booking tickets.
  • If you choose to arrive earlier than the designated arrival days, you must provide your own transportation to the campus and you must call ahead of time to see if we have room for you. If you come on an earlier you may need to find off campus housing until school starts.
  • Getting from Medford to Williams.
    During the specified arrival days (three days before school starts) We will be providing vans and drivers from the campus to pick up students arriving in Medford and take them directly to the campus.
  • If you want to take advantage of this service, it is essential that you send us your complete flight information with your Airline, flight number, and arrival time in Medford, NO LATER THAN 2 WEEKS BEFORE your arrival. If you are arriving by train, give the train number, the time, and the station you are arriving at.
  • These details should be e-mailed to us at from an email address that you will be checking DAILY during the two weeks prior to your departure.
  • If you don't tell us in advance when you are coming, we will be unable to make arrangements to pick you up, and you will have to make arriangements on your own. If you give us your information in a timely manner however, we will guarantee your pick up. We will also email you all the information on your pick up times and arrangements so you will know what is happening when you get off the plane.
If you fail to notify us of your arrival times, we will assume you have made your own arrangements.



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