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NEXT is our one year discipleship and training program for college age students.  This program focuses on discerning God's calling and developing the practical skills to prepare you for what comes NEXT.

One look at our syllabus, you discover NEXT trains each student using a strong biblical foundation, to recognize opportunity and resources, to develop the leadership and organization skills necessary to pursue their calling, and to strengthen them with the personal and spiritual disciplines to meet the challenges. The unique qualities of the program come from the serene location of Southern Oregon, and the personal connection between disciple and mentor in a relational setting.

The areas of training include inductive bible study and practical theology, on-site leadership training and development, community service, living in community with the other students, local work internships, and conclude with each student developing a plan for their own sustainable ministry.

During your time, will be given opportunity to assess your gifts as well as calling, by taking on leadership responsibility, program development, bible teaching, administerial tasks and allow us to assist you in your NEXT steps. You will have also brought yourself into contact with other believers from all over the United States interested in pursuing similar callings, thus enhancing your practical as well as biblical support as you move on.

As you grow in your relationship with Christ, we know that He will direct your life in worship, service, ministry and godly living in this world. Our unique ministry allows us to customize the learning experience to help meet the needs and development unique to each student.

The semesters are built upon one another, but there are some cases where you can attend just one semester to get some training before moving into the ministry that God has for you. There may also be an opportunity for you to pursue college credits by enrolling in distance learning courses at an accredited institution, but the program must remain a priority.

Our campus is located in Williams, Oregon and surrounded by the peaceful Southern Oregon countryside and forests. Therefore, the student is given an atmosphere to focus upon the Word and work without the typical demands and distractions of daily living.


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