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Due to the nature of the program, you will not only learn in classroom settings, but also through hands on experience, one on one mentoring, small group assignments, guest lecturers and work internships.

However, it is important to build a firm foundation to grow and develop your calling. So instructors invited to NEXT are chosen due to the relevance of their expertise and their desire to mentor, share life experiences, encourage spiritual growth and present sound doctrine.

Rev. Tim Thompson
Tim Thompson is the founder of The Church Works and the Head Master of NEXT. His experience in church leadership and missions has established the ground work for the program and vision of the programs today. Tim received his Master’s from Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California with an emphasis in The Gospel in American Christianity. 

Tim also has over 15 years experience in Film and Television production and has developed a private consulting business for small and up start companies.

Roger VanSpronsen
Roger has served over 25 years with Sierra Madre Congregation Church in Sierra Madre, CA.

Roger is the author of Sola Scriptura Remixed and his teaching is enjoyed on


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