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Expect to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Each lesson is a Bible study. Expect the lessons to speak to your heart. You will leave here with a new understanding and new relationship with the Lord.


  • We are committed to keeping on track by putting together a schedule that works for the programs needs. For some lessons, you are required to be in attendance and it will be the priority for your time. However the nature of outside mentoring, internships and hands on community work require the schedule to be flexible and the students to manage their own commitments properly.
  • Although the schedule can vary based on the week’s assignments, guest speakers and other arrangements, most days will start at 8:20am with morning devotions and end by 4:00pm so evening activities can be accomplished.
  • The first two school days are for registration and orientation. At that time you will receive your schedule.
  • Lessons are held in the Community Room, Main House, Outdoors and various meeting spaces throughout the community.
  • Areas on campus to study:
    • Your own Room
    • Quiet Room
    • Student Library
    • Community living space
    • Outdoors (weather permitting)
  • A sample weekly schedule will look like this: sample weekly schedule


Internships and Service:

  • This typically requires 8-10 hours of time per week.
  • Internships are required by each student during their stay. It is encouraged for each student to accept positions with local entrepreneurs, in order to gain exposure to the day to day work of business and to develop a mentoring relationship with working professionals.
  • Learning to discern and meet the needs of others is the greatest opportunity to share the love of Christ. Some community service will be required of the group, but most service projects will be delegated to the students. The purpose is to teach practical skills that help in practical ministry, and that ministry is about serving with a joyful heart unto the Lord.
  • Because you are living in community with other believers, you are required to do jobs are around the house such as housekeeping, kitchen cooking and preparation, landscaping, building or car maintenance, dining room care, childcare, library aid, computer technician, audio/visual technician, etc. We consider this a key lesson in life skills and personal development and will be handled as such.

Service Trips / Outreach:

  • Week long Outreaches:In order to study American culture, one week per semester will be used to take service trips to other areas in the Pacific Northwest. We hope to give you a chance to see new areas of the US and understand the differences in needs from cities to small towns.
  • Local Outreaches / ARK (Acts of Random Kindness)
    Our aim is to have you become productive members of your community by meeting actual felt needs. Local outreaches are intended to help you recognize and assess such as a need and then use existing resources to meet that need. These projects will develop discernment and resourcefulness which are imperative in leadership.


  • Along with building and growing in your spiritual life, you must also develop in your body life. You are required to participate in a church body while in the program. There are many options to choose from within a 5-25 minute drive. As a member of that body you will also need to serve with them.
  • There are many great churches in the area. Click here for more information.
Click here to read about our instructors.



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