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Weekend Outreaches: One of our aims is to have students to participate in local outreach efforts. These are voluntary outreaches, but are important in the development practical ministry. This outreach can be within the Applegate Valley or beyond, based on the students understanding and ideas. Because travel and other accommodations may be necessary, we encourage you to have some money set aside for a few weekend outreaches. Plan on $150 for three weekend outreaches.

Week Long Outreaches: Students are required to go on one 7-day outreach per semester. These week long trips are for experience training and body building. We go to a specific region in the Pacific Northwest and work alongside existing ministries. The work allows you to gain understanding of the regional culture as well as direct experience from working in the field with fellow ministries.

Plan on a minimum of $350 for an outreach. Click here for an estimate of the total cost of attendance.



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