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Tuition per semester is $4,200 per student.

Tuition includes:

  • class registration fees
  • rooming for one fifteen-week semester
  • preset meals prepared at the house. (daily breakfast)
  • internet
  • Laundry facilites

Additional Costs:
Becuase some students will be paid for their internships, some of the additional costs may be offset by the money they earn during the program.

  • Groceries or Meals not provided at the house. Each student will need to determine their own need. see dining.
  • Outreach expenses. Approximately $350 for week long trips.
  • Expenses related to local travel not covered by the program. See Travel
  • Books
  • Insurance. Each student must have their own health insurance and provide proof of insurance upon arrival. see insurance.

Tuition Payments:
After you receive a letter of acceptance, we will need to receive $200 non-refundable deposit to hold your reservation for the upcoming semester and to confirm your intention to come. The deposit is put towards the total cost of tuition. The remaining tuition and must be paid in full before the beginning of each semester.

  • How To Pay Tuition:
    Tuition can be paid by credit card or check made out to ‘The Church Works'.
  • To pay by credit card either:
    #1.) fax it in using the credit card form, (at the bottom of the Application)
    #2.) email the credit card form to, or
    #3.) you may call us with your credit card information at 1 (877) 484-8468
  • To pay by check:
    make it out to "The Church Works" and mail to:
    The Church Works
    660 Tetherow Road
    Williams OR 97544
  • Click here for estimation of total cost

Returning Student Discount
We offer discounts to returning students.
For additional details please contact us at




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