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What to Bring

  • Car: Williams is a remote location and local amenites, internships,and community life will require you to take a car. We live in a community where ride sharing is a viable option, but you may also bring your own car for convenience. The Church Works wil provide transporation to program related activites.
  • Books: You do not need to bring any books besides your Bible and two book report books from the required reading list. We do have two libraries with resources and reference materials which are available to all students.
  • Clothing: Bring appropriate and modest clothing and we have all four seasons. It can rain during any season, we have thunder showers in the Summer. In the winter it's COLD! Bring layers: T-shirts, sweaters/sweatshirts, vests, and definitely a warm coat. Bring is a vest or light jacket to wear to classes. You may want to bring nice clothes for our special occasion dinners and for graduation. The community acts of service will require some work that would get your clothes dirty or stained, so bring some clothes you could work in.
  • CD Player: For listening to sessions an MP3 Player or laptop is highly recommended. Bring extra batteries (not rechargeable). We only have MP3's available for purchase here and only two sets of tapes available to check out in the library.
  • Computer: Bringing your own laptop is highly recommended. You will be able to write papers, listen to teachings, and email home at your convenience. We have a full wireless network (802.11b) as well as CAT5 cables for you to plug your laptop into our network. If you bring your laptop with you, be sure to bring your restore disks also (in case you have problems with your computer while you are here).
  • School Supplies: We recommend that you bring your own school supplies, including computer paper in order to meet you personal needs of printing references.
  • Special Pillow or Blanket: Bedding is provided for you, if you have a personal preference, bring your own sheets or pillow.
  • Bring your own towel.
  • Closet accommodations vary from room to room. Keep in mind you will be sharing your living space and you may only have one narrow closet space to use, one drawer space and half the space under your bunk bed to store your clothes and belongings.
  • A small lightweight sleeping bag is often (not always) needed for an outreach.
  • If you are traveling with only large suitcases you might want to bring a backpack or smaller type soft duffle bag for outreaches or small weekend trips away.


It is difficult to determine how much you will need as everyone lives differently. But some things to consider are:
Click here for an estimate of the total cost of attendance:

  • You may want to purchase meals, coffee, and groceries from the local stores and restaurants. See the Dining section for more info
  • Weekend travel costs will depend on how often and how far you go.
  • Outreaches costs vary widely. You should plan on a minimum of $350 for your 7 day outreach per semester.
  • Weekend outreaches costs also vary. $50 should be enough for an average weekend outreach. You will have an opportunity to go on more than one weekend outreach. That choice will be yours to make.
  • Do bring an ATM card if you have one.

Do not bring:

Inappropriate movies, games or music.
Fire Arms




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