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What To Expect

The Church Works is located in a small town in Southern Oregon 20 minutes from the nearest larger city. The location can be refreshing, rewarding, challenging and focus oriented.
Weekends can be spent near by doing all types of outdoor seasonal activities, like biking, hiking, camping, swimming, fishing, gardening, and skiing. We are also within 3 hours from the beautiful Crater Lake, Klamath Falls, Ashland, and Lake Shasta.
Outreaches will be real ministry in the Pacific Northwest. There is one 7 day outreach per semester and several weekend outreaches you may join. These are great opportunities to understand your own calling and witness God at work.

There will be approximately 25 students here who are serious about their studies. They will be from the US and abroad. All students will live in shared housing at one of our current homes. Accommodations will vary based on need .  

It will be a time to discover more about God, other cultures, and more about you.

It will be hot in the summer and cold with snow in the winter.

  • Transport
  • Internet
  • Personal
  • Outreach
  • Money
  • Insurance

Local Transportation

Cars are the only local transportation to get to and from the nearby towns. The Church Works has vans to help accommodate the need for transportation and some students or staff will have cars and can help with ride sharing. 

It is also common in Williams to share rides with local residents when going to town or even as far as Portland. Rides are organized through a local email chain for those willing to share or have a need.

Email and Internet

Internet is included in all locations we are teaching or people are living.

Each person will be assigned a email address in order to gain access to our servers and shared documents. Of course you can also keep and use any current email account.

Each student should bring their own computer and have common word processing and spreadsheet software. If you bring a lap top computer with a wireless internet.

Personal Items and Medicines

You will be able to buy basic personal items like shampoo, soap, snacks, and school supplies here. There is also grocery stores, Wal-Mart, Herb Store and convenience stores for any toiletry items you may need.

If you are taking medication, you need to make any arrangements for your prescriptions before you come.


Weekend Outreaches: One of our aims is to have students to participate in and reach out to the local community. These are voluntary outreaches. We encourage you to have some money set aside for a few weekend outreaches. Plan on $150 for three weekend outreaches.

7-Day Outreaches: Students are required to go on one 7-day outreach per semester. In the past, students have gone to Portland and San Francisco. Plan on a minimum of $350 for an outreach. Click here for an estimate of the total cost of attendance.

Obtaining Money

There is access to an ATM at the local stores and there are Banks in Grants Pass, if you have a need to get money.

Most local places will also accept personal checks.

Medical Care and Insurance

The Church Works does not offer medical insurance and it is required to attend. Proof of insurance is required when registering.

Students who want coverage while attending here should check their policies at home to see what is covered before coming. For coverage you can check with a provider or try for individual health insurance from major providers at good rates.

The Church Works does have a nurse available to students, if the need arises.


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