Equiping young adults, two semester program.
Summer Service
Short Term missions during the summer.
AGI Missions
American Gospel Initiative. Missions in America.


NEXT is our discipleship and training program for college age students.  This program focuses on discerning God's calling and developing the practical skills to pursue it.

Summer Service

SS is our short term missions program that allows students to live together in community and share the burden of the Gospel where it’s needed most.

Summer Service programs vary in content and types of service. Therefore each week may have unique experience requirements, limits on space, and cost parameters.

Group applications are available for small groups of 6 or more. The format and service for these groups will be programmed with our directors and the group coordinator. Costs will then be based on specified program. Contact Us for group bookings.



The American Gospel Initiative is the continual missional work of the Church Works. Our missionaries live within the communities of the United States and serve as missionaries to these communities. As with any missions program, these men, women and families are trained and equipped for their mission, before they are deployed.Each community in America has its own, unique needs and therefore requires a unique approach for reaching the people within that community.

How to Apply
Click here to find out more about our application process.

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