Equiping young adults, two semester program.
Summer Service
Short Term missions during the summer.
AGI Missions
American Gospel Initiative. Missions in America.

American Gospel Initiative

AGI is the continual missional work of the Church Works.

Our missionaries live within the communities of the United States and serve as missionaries to these communities. As with any missions program, these men, women and families are trained and equipped for their mission, before they are deployed. Each community in America has their own unique needs and therefore requires a unique approach to reaching the people with that community.

The Church Works helps these missionaries by providing the resources and support system to do the missional work and continue to develop and employ new resources to help further the knowledge and opportunities with the American Missions Field.

Each missionary is required to develop their own case study and ministry objectives before they can apply with AGI. Each application is considered based on the proven need for missional work in the proposed case and the missionary’s ability to sustain themselves through support or business as missions.

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