Equiping young adults, two semester program.
Summer Service
Short Term missions during the summer.
AGI Missions
American Gospel Initiative. Missions in America.

Summer Service

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2010 Summer Schedule
$400 for the week.

Topic: Film, Media and Christianity
May 31 - June 4

Topic: Sustainable Lifestyle
Food, Housing, Relationships, Ministry, Life

June 28- July 2

Topic: Gospel in America
"How to make a Christian Movie"

July 19-July 23

!!!!!!!ALUMNI ARE FREE!!!!!!!! (contact us for details)

SS is our short term missions program that allows students to live together in community and share the burden of the Gospel where it’s needed most.

The Pacific Northwest is historically known as a culture that is not easy susceptible to the Gospel message and serves as the missions field for these one and two week programs. Students who participate in this program will focus on worldview cultural critique and practice the missional  approach to unreached people in the United States. The benefit of the program is to open the students eyes to see their own communities as the missions field they have become and train them to reach out to their neighbors with new techniques and understanding.

Summer Service programs vary in content and types of service. Therefore each week may have unique experience requirements, limits on space, and cost parameters.To apply Fill out an application and include any additional information requested in the program description.

Group and Family applications are available. The format and service for these groups will be programmed with our directors and the group coordinator. Costs will then be based on specified program. Contact Us for group bookings.

Click here for Application Form (.doc) (pdf)




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